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This is not for the weak minded or people who have no heart for tough, strategic decisions.

A bold, mesmerizing, and futuristic strategy board game with a chilling intent…

Age and time in space are endless, vast beyond our comprehension. Millions of light years from Earth there is a solar system with twin Suns and multiple planets. This solar system has splintered into three empires: The Eldin whose home planet is very similar to Earth, the Narr who inhabit a desert like planet and the Sorn who reside on a violent volcanic planet.

This is not for the weak minded or people who have no heart for tough, strategic decisions. For people who will not in a heartbeat, without hesitation, send their most trusted and decorated pilot into the heat of battle without any guarantee that they will return.

Will you sacrifice your best pilot to save the Empress?

Will you hire out the most ruthless bounty hunter to vanquish your foe without mercy or compassion?

Can your skill as a tactician and leader guide your empire to ultimate victory?

Contained within the box is a solar system at war, characters with unique skills and deadly intent.

Will you face Orion X or the White Angel in battle and survive?

These are questions that only you can answer – JOIN THE BATTLE.

FOE Board Game box lid

For 2 to 4 players

The game play is intense and thrilling with a unique battle system that requires skill and luck. Will you cut your losses and choose to escape? Or risk everything to win the battle at any cost? The choice is yours.

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Paul Willis - Game Creator

Game creator Paul