• Count down to join the battle….


FOE - Join the battle

Message coming in…

One final push my friend!

Your talents have been duly noted and you have exceeded all expectations as a pilot.

We are all part of the free generation and together we will be stronger and more formidable than our enemies dare to imagine.

I would like you to be at the forefront of our victorious campaign. Orion X will accompany you on your first mission.

Yours in victory,


Personal message from the Empress…

With deep sadness it is my obligation to inform you my loyal soldier we are at war! You know how we have fought and won past conflicts together and paid with the ultimate sacrifice. Being of one body we fight die and live together.

I have heard only good things about you and your accomplishments in flight school which have impressed me enormously.

I would like to meet with you in person to discuss a strategic matter. In the meantime I have instructed Commander Talon to promote you to the rank of Captain effective immediately.

May your skill, determination and integrity push our great empire forwards to victory.

We are forever bound, we are one.

Tava Tau

They are coming, Sorn and their Empress. Narr’s warlord, Crassus is approaching us also. Between them, they hope to trap us here… on our beloved Eldin.

They will enslave us and take all we have worked so hard for. We have no choice but to stand firm, use our technology and unity to end this war the only way it could have ended: by inflicting losses so great they will have no choice but to retreat.                                                     

We’ve fought many battles and won great victories as one world. Maybe there is no peace in this System… as long as we live. As long as Sorn and Narr remember the sins of our fathers. We have paid the price and given aid in their time of need. Now they have forgotten our trust and compassion, overshadowed by their envy and greed, It has engulfed them all.

We must stay true to ourselves, our values and our future. The time for democracy is over and war is upon us. I say let them come, let them taste our poison. Then we will rebuild our shattered lives once again. 

Leader of Eldin

Press release from Prof  A. R. Winston, Solitude Enterprise Corp

Have we not quenched your insatiable appetite for knowledge and belief in the impossible.

We have given the people of Eldin the ability to travel at the speed of light.

So I want you to ask yourself one simple question, Inhabitants of Sorn and Narr:

Knowing that we have created this technology, what other hardware do we have at out disposal?

I will tell you. The Nexus connection.

STAY AWAY from this space station.

We wield more power than you could possibly comprehend.

Prof  A. R. Winston